Should Medical Equipment Have Special Coatings?

The newest medical equipment is smaller and more precise, but does it need special coatings? Life-saving medical equipment can benefit from conformal coatings that make them waterproof and biostable. There are several benefits provided by the correct protective coatings. These FDA approved coatings protect patients and add to the lifespan of the medical equipment. The best coatings are applied at room temperature as a thin film without the use of plasticizers, solvents, or catalysts.

What is Parylene Coating?

Parylene coating is a medical grade material that starts as a white powder in crystalline form. It is applied with a thermal and vacuum process that converts the powder into a thin polymer film that fits the object, closely following every contour no matter how small. The most intricate devise details are preserved. This coating works well on many substrates such as ceramic, glass, metal, plastic, silicone rubber, and elastomers. This material maintains sharp edges and points while discouraging the growth of pathogens. In addition, this coating acts as a dry lubricant.

Some Uses for These coatings

Parylene coatings work well on applications including medical coils, stents, medical seals, hearing aids, catheters, implants and pacemakers, electrosurgical instruments, and more. Any medical equipment that must be biologically stable, chemically inert, non-toxic, and resistant to fungal and bacterial proliferation can benefit from this coating. These coatings are also resistant to chemical attack from acids, organic and inorganic solvents, and more.


Using Parylene medical coating on selected instruments can improve outcomes for surgical procedures. The coatings improve lubricity and electrical insulation in surgical instruments. Hypodermic needles are lubricated for easier, less-painful insertion. Implantable devices and prosthetic hardware gain a biocompatible barrier that resists reaction with biological agents, acids, and more.

There are companies that offer coating services for medical devices and other industries’ equipment. Services such as PCT Para Coat Technologies will furnish bids for their coating services to manufacturers of many different products.

Medical practices and facilities should consider asking for these coatings on medical devices and equipment they are ordering for medical procedures and patient treatment. Go to the website for additional information.

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