What To Expect From A Total Mouth Makeover

In the US, dental professionals perform a wide assortment of services to correct damage and improve patients’ teeth. Each patient has individualized needs, and dentists perform several assessments for identifying those needs. A total mouth makeover helps patients with severe damage who are missing teeth.

Evaluating the Condition of Teeth

The dentist begins with a full evaluation of the teeth. The condition of each teeth determines what corrective procedures the patient needs. For example, cavities require the removal of decay and a filling. Severely broken teeth require dental bonding to correct the damage and reconstruct damaged teeth. X-rays are performed to discover any underlying tooth damage.

Treating Gum Damage

Damaged gum tissue is removed, and the dentist provides medication mouthwash for the patient. Any signs of periodontal diseases require more extensive cleaning practices or scaling and planing. The dental hygienist performs the cleaning and removes debris from gum pockets. The condition of the gums determines if the patient is at a higher risk of tooth loss.

Correcting Bite Issues

Over or underbites create jaw pain and increase the odds of sleep apnea and TMJ. The dentist reviews the severity of the bite and determines what treatment is required to correct the condition. For some patients, surgery is necessary to correct the position of the jaw and the patient’s bite. For other patients, the orthodontist provides a device to reposition the jaw and correct the bite without surgery.

Correcting Damage and Replacing Missing Teeth

Several services help dentists correct the damage and replace missing teeth. The dentist determines if the patient’s jawbone is strong enough for dental implants. If it isn’t, the bone grafts are completed. Implants are installed to replace missing teeth more effectively. Dentures and bridges are also options to consider.

In the US, restoration and cosmetic dentistry are effective ways to correct a person’s smile. Each of the selections addresses a vital concern for the patients and restore their confidence. Dental professionals offer a total mouth makeover that addresses several concerns at once and restores the patient’s smile. Patients who want to learn more about total mouth reconstoration can schedule an appointment with their preferred dental professional right now.

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